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Lace Collars :iconkasyr:Kasyr 1 1
The Hermit
I slip between cracks
Left clinging to memories
Of friendships long past.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 0 0
Waking Dream
I cannot tell if
I am sleeping or awake
It's all a nightmare.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 0 0
An old frustration
staring down at a blank page
unsure what to write.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 0 0
Supposedly, Divinity
What is humankind?
We are a mirror to God
Pray we are broken
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 0 0
A Merry Non Unbirthday Gift
There's no tragedy for us today,
I've no sad songs to sing..
What I have, you've granted me...
A gift I cannot match.
For what could equal this feeling,
what boon could I bestow
that might please my darling muse
and allow her to know...
I Love, Adore & Cherish you,
Write worship since I lack
the means to show devotion,
Paint perfection back to back.
Humble words I give to you,
breathed out onto a page,
the hopes it lifts your heart,
as you do mine, every day.
And so I let these words
trail off into a hush,
hoping my sincerity,
has chance to echo in touch.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 1 5
A Necessary Sequel
Ho hum. *boredom* I feel like writing, but no inspiration's hit. Ho hum.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 2 2
Literate Hobo by Kasyr Literate Hobo :iconkasyr:Kasyr 0 1
Better Off Broken Then...
I want you to, I need you to,
lie for me, to me, self deceive.
Another day, another night,
in tainted sheets, with tainted words,
through your teeth, in low hiss
between twisting tongues, and a kiss.
Look me in the eyes and lie,
from twilight to dawn, whisper or cry
"I love you, I need you, we'll always be"
I know what we are, broken
puppets pulling at each other,
strings drawing us together,
so we can play pretend.
We see a hole inside ourselves,
say it can't be fixed,
Then coat it with a lie,
an anesthetic fuck.
And every time, we betray ourselves,
paying carnal worship to this deception,
half-hearted prayer made in quickening pulse.
You saw it too, admitted it false,
but then welcomed it,
grateful for this Judas conception.
It could have been so much more,
but we were content to rut in bablyon,
take turns as the painted whore.
And now the lie is not enough,
I'll bear witness to its passing on,
And so, it's a hole we wouldn't fix,
when we learned your body was our temple,
and only
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 1 7
Freedom From Bliss
How long has it been since my banishment,
Since I came to relish my taste of forbidden fruit,
realised that fabled garden should have ne'er been,
That it's place in my heart ought to have been barren?
I see it now for the temptuous fiction it is,
a sibiliant self-deception that kept my caged,
Wicked whisperer who preserved itself,
life eternal born in my endless doubt.
Every path forward led back again,
treacherous half-truths found in memory,
Peace reserved for that precious oblivion,
Dreamlessness becoming my false messiah.
Fascimiles of genuine recollection came,
whimsical creations of feeling,
scathing apparitions of self-doubt
led by the wanton longing.
And yet, for all torment I wreaked upon myself
in the form of purgatory, those nine hells circles..
Through them all I transcended
And it was not your blessing I sought.
I bore witness to my faults,
Found the truth in my actions
and it was in those moments I understood,
And it was my forgiveness I found.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 1 0
Cursing Nostalgia -Reply Var-
I used to look back on those days long past
living, vicariously, through partial recollections, distorted,
wondering when it became a charade.
At what point did that jubilant present shift to anything but,
when did once vivid scenes fade to the cracked sepia of memory...
the facade of love discarded,  to end the sad masquerade.
Emotions a pale phantom at best, found now but in the echoes
of photographs, of lone moments spent contemplating
shades on the wall, of how the darkness caresses itself so sweetly.
They are ethereal pangs from when my company was emptiness,
when silence became more familiar than once welcoming curves,
salvation spurned as I became absorbed by my own grief.
I used to look back on those days long past,
with longing and lament, at a loss for what I thought was love,
tormented, teased, misguided by my own shattered emotions.
A stray lamb to a false prophet's hope and salvation. Yet,
here, now, there is a prayer spelt in sacrilege
and caustic venom- in hono
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 2 1
Limbs twined like ivy vines,
tangled sheets our veil,
These moments e'er divine,
A Hedonistic Grail.
There's no shephards here
as we lead ourselves astray,
Theres just that single fear,
that this will be our last day.
So lets drown in devotion,
speak in temptuous tongues,
lose ourselves in motions
Leave no sin unsung..
My fall from grace
I just need another taste
I can be your flaw
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 4 2
These Illusions are Killing me
It's truly not cute, you know.
To let yourself fall in love,
With only the barest illusion
Not even of an idea, but a chance
But don't we all love a good fiction?
So, I'll risk it all, again and again,
Just another chance to dream with you
Fabricating modern day fairy tales
Adoration between Asterisks
Unrequited love, or a delirium in disguise.
I'll put my heart on the line, Tonight,
Tommorow, Yesterday, over and over.
I'll Break myself if it makes you smile
just for the thought you might be happy.
I know it's not cute, but give me this at least.
Just don't let me become jaded
Don't let the sacrifices I made become Faded.
The line between the realitys blurred
now, I know. But I can't pull out, stop...
So go, just remember me as I was
Not how I am.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 7 11
A Clash of Wit And Tongue
Some might argue heaven or bliss
Is found twixt a lady's hips
But when it comes to the company kept-  
I do think, in an angel's role, you're far from inept

When it comes to company kept,
If I should indeed be far from inept,
Methinks I'll talk in prose and verse,
A battle for the halo now clutched in my purse

The problematic with speaking in twists of tongue
Especially with words written rather than sung
Is it hardly divines whose pocket the halo should reside within
Given how beguiling this poetry is, seeming almost a sin

When one of us surrenders, mon cher poet, and raises the white flag high
When one of us dissolves into chuckles, so much that bellyaches are nigh
That, good man, is what we'll do to choose this poetic duel's winner
So that the halo finds a resting place and neither of us's a sinner

Unforunately, that leaves me at a disadvantage, mon chere
As I admittedly tossed purity of spirit aside without a care
In its place, revelry borne
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 6 6
The Logical Conclusion
Face down in waters impure, saturated with our sin.
Filthy memorobilia floating along this falsified River Styx,
serving as headstones to someone who couldn't take it.
Then: Bloated with hatred,
Now: Another waterlogged carcass.
Kiss the dirt, hug the walls, watch them take caresses,
Endless razorblade kisses marking a selfmade Martyr.
The natural conclusion comes down to them and us-
everyone dies for the cause, a better future.
The lack of dreams is bliss, with Misanthropy this bad,
that it eats away at you, and every one around you-
If we're still breathing, the problems still there,
I'f I'm still living...
We're a cancer, so is it cowardice to keep living, or
to kill yourself? The thoughts that plague the mind make
me want to shut it all up again, and shut inside myself.
The moments of thoughtlessness are bliss, ignorance
but sweet purity from these moments of absolute recognition
to a possible viewpoint. Subjective truth based on an
emotional truth corrosive, caustic in nature.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 1 3
Fukyu Et Screwyu Too
Fukyu Ladys, Gents.
Just give me my time to vent
Maybe go get bent.
Still here? Never fear!
I'm hardly done with you yet
on that you can bet.
Hoorlets & Halfwits,
Posers Posturing And more
I still hate you all.
Unhappy with moi?
Get in line, take a number.
Like I'll wait on You.
You're never short of
chump change, or someones two cents.
Coincidence, Niet~.
:iconkasyr:Kasyr 0 7


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#16 Rage's Fires
Whether I’ll be on your side or not
Think about me and all we got
Love me even though I will hate
Nothing you do will be able to placate
Just what’s burning inside me as hot as can be
Rage’s fires are taking over me.
:iconadrenalinediamond:AdrenalineDiamond 1 0
Suspenders by Kuvshinov-Ilya Suspenders :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 9,630 129 Mercy by Kuvshinov-Ilya Mercy :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 10,635 150 Gravity Rush 2 by Kuvshinov-Ilya Gravity Rush 2 :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 5,378 56 Nier: Automata by Kuvshinov-Ilya Nier: Automata :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 8,912 84


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Til Death do us part
Is not meant to be a race
To break your loves heart
Lace Collars
Just late night musings.
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The hilarity of nudging my old stuff into a semi private forum, because noone really knows my deviant art. xD.


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